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Fantastic Baby

Posted by Bandit16 on March 24, 2012 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (6)

Oh, hello, loveys.

Hope things have been well----sorry I've been so notably absent. Anyways, I'm back around and deciding whether or not to continue the Belladonnas. If you think I should, you should probably say something~

Welllllll... See you guys later!


Be Quiet

Posted by Bandit16 on November 14, 2011 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (8)

Guess now they can market it as multi-purpose poison.

Hello! I hope all has been well with you! 

I've been really quite good, keeping very busy. I'm enjoying my RP thing, as it's really quite splendid, so yeah. I've been distracted, as the little free time I've had has, ahem, not gone towards my legacy...

But don't worry! It's half-written and will be completed soon enough!

Anyways! Despite this, I did go and play the Sims for a short while for my dear friend MEOWWWW, for a Sim Trade we arranged ages ago and I kind of forgot about.

Anyways, here's the little devil:

Click the picture for the download :D 

I love you all, and hope things have been treating you well! Take care~

Love always,

All I Ever Wanted

Posted by Bandit16 on November 10, 2011 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (3)

Hello. I know, I know. No new chapter. I apologize, I will do that eventually.

I wanted to talk about FuryRed, actually.

'Kay, most of you (if not everyone that reads my blog) has probably noticed FRS is down, which is exceedingly, exceedingly sad. And a lot of the older folks immediately ran off to Fury's old blog.

On this blog there is a chatbox where you can put in your name and a link (I've considered putting one here: Not after this!), and people went a bit mad after she left.

(You read from bottom up, if it's too small to read, just click it for the link)

Ten points to your Hogwarts house if you spy what is wrong with this.

The red one is a post with a hyperlink that I actually made. The other post with my name without a hyperlink? Yeah. Nope. I didn't post that.



So, obviously I'm a little annoyed, but mostly I'm flattered. I mean, when's the last time you were impersonated on the Internet? -shrug- Kinda cool, I guess. 


My boyfriend works in computer analytics for the FBI, mofo-er. I'm sure he won't mind doing me a favor. So lay the fuck off.


Okay? Okay.

Have a wonderful day <3

The Boys

Posted by Bandit16 on October 29, 2011 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (10)
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Okay, okay, okay, I know. I will post a new chapter of the Belladonnas soon. I've just been busy.... Just kidding, I've been distracted. Very distracted.

As an apology, my unnie Soo Jin made you (and I) a picture!! So please feast your eyes upon....

the Belladonna family legacy picture edit! :D

(Ten points to anyone that can name all of the people!)

So... Let me tell you about the thing that's been distracting me! I joined an RP (role playing) thing on Tumblr, and it is SO FUN. It's so fun, I've been really distracted and have been spending my extra time over there :D

You can join, if you'd like, and we can be best friends (or enemies, if you sign up for an uppity Slytherin), and you can also look at my Tumblr for it as Charity Burbage if you'd like!

Okay. That's about all! Take care, my beautiful friends, and stay safe!

Love always,

(PS: Anyone have any cool Amber Heard gifs?)

Don't Stop, Won't Stop

Posted by Bandit16 on October 27, 2011 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (2)

Good morning, dear loves! As posted on this forum over here, I participated in a Halloween game/challenge/whatever, and wanted to post the pictures here!

For Halloween this year, I am dressing up as Marceline the Vampire Queen (from Adventure Time!!), so please meet Banceline! :D

My best friend Soo Jin is dressing up as a guy (or a zombie) for Halloween, so please meet ManlyManJin:

And her famous crush Kim Heechul is dressing up as a woman, which really isn't a stretch for him....

For more lovely pictures, please click this link and check out the nice-and-organized photo album~

Addditionally, feel free to download 'em!

Stay safe and enjoy!


The I in Lie

Posted by Bandit16 on October 24, 2011 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (13)

Breakfast is the most devious meal of the day.


My unnie Soo Jin posted a blog post (posted a post, ha) with thirty facts about herself, which I thought was really a neat idea.


Not sure if you're interested, but here are some about me, Bandit:


1) Boyfriend's name (co-founder of the Belladonnas) is really Brian, and we broke up a while ago [note the sudden death].

2) My socks never match, and it's intentional.

3) I'd rather have sweets than salts, but my favorite snack is popcorn.

4) My hair is curly, and reaches to my shoulderblades. When straight, it goes to my waist. Seriously curly.

5) I wear the same jewelry every day (three rings, one bracelet), and wear them until they break. I am not opposed to adding.

6) I'm observant, perceptive, and a very quiet stalker.

7) I have trouble remembering numbers, but if I read something, I will never forget it.

8 ) I'm really good with children, which is good because I am a teacher.

9) I'm a worrywort, and in school I was extremely obsessive, precocious... You can choose the word.

10) I don't sleep well. Just in general.

11) I'm writing a Harry Potter fanfiction with a friend of mine.

12) I've never broken a bone -knock on wood-

13) My favorite colors are purple and black, but as you can tell from this site, I also like green!

14) I correct spelling and grammar, and without my help, many of my friends would have failed English. I even edit papers for money sometimes.

15) I'm horrible at all video games, except the Sims.

16) My least favorite word is "at".

17) My dad and I are really close.

18 ) I used to be afraid of heights. Like, terrified don't-get-too-close-to-second-story-windows scared. I still kind of am, but I'm mostly over it.

19) I'm atelophobic.

20) I look cute in hats, but I get major hat hair (the curls flatten at the top and puff out near the bottom!)

21) I don't like to write alone, and I rarely publish my writing (see number 19).

22) I have a reverse green thumb: I touch it, it dies. Period.

23) My favorite TV shows are Criminal Minds, Adventure Time, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Family Guy, and Mystery Science Theater 3000.

24) I drive a stick-shift.

25) I recently discovered U-Swirl. YES. One of my students' parent works there in a management position and gave me freebies

26) My favorite food is mushroom udon.

27) I'm not straight or gay or bi. I just love love.

28 ) I've never dyed my hair, or had a weird piercing (my ears were pierced as a little kid, but it's been a long time), or had a tattoo. I'm very boring.

29) Once my grandma spilled a gallon of boiling water on my head. Accidentally, of course. I had to sit in a big bin of ice.

And 30) I was a vegetarian for a long time. Although there was a moral side to it, it was mostly because I don't like the taste of meat.


Thanks for listening. I hope you'll comment with some fun facts about you~~





(I feel so... exposed. I'm gonna go do something else...)



Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder

Posted by Bandit16 on October 15, 2011 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (8)

Gee! I hope everything is splendid for you right now! It is for me~ I just got back from the Aki Matsuri festival in Vegas (alright, as you probably already know/guessed, that's where I live...), and it was so amazing!! :D

I wanted to post some pictures of the intensely awesome cosplaying...

This is a picture of a man (an unshaved man) dressed as Sailor Moon.

Fuck yes.

And this was a seriously legit costume I wanted to share with you.

Additionally, in other exciting news, I got my preordered Patrick Stump CD today-- SOUL PUNK~! (even though it's not released until the eighteenth!)

Also, because I was number 200, it's signed by both him and the artist :D Here's the tracklist:



This City

Dance Miserable

Spotlight (New Regrets)

The "I" in Lie

Run Dry (Heart x Fingers)


Everybody Wants Somebody


Coast (It's Gonna Get Better)

This City (feat Lupe Fiasco)

Bad Side of 25

People Never Done A Good Thing

When I Made You Cry

Mad At Nothing

And a picture spam XD

I hope you're feeling alright, and not catching any winter colds. Stay safe <3


No More Yes

Posted by Bandit16 on October 9, 2011 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (8)

Hello! This is Bandit16, and I've decided to do a handwriting challenge on Tumblr~ Since some of them were about Tumblr, though, I just changed 'em to the Sims (the original is here, though, if you were curious).

Here's the list of daily challenges, and my first one!

day 1- handwrite your full name (you can skip the last name).

day 2- handwrite your legacy/story name

day 3- handwrite your blog's url.

day 4- handwrite your favorite quote.

day 5- handwrite your bestfriend's name(s).

day 6- handwrite your crush/significant other.

day 7- handwrite your three favourite song titles of all time.

day 8- handwrite whatever you want.

day 9- handwrite your favourite word.

day 10- handwrite your lucky number.

day 11- handwrite your favourite website.

day 12- handwrite your name using the hand opposite of what you normally use.

day 13- handwrite the first 10 things that pop into your head.

day 14- handwrite your favourite blogs.

day 15- handwrite “hello”.

day 16- handwrite whatever you want.

day 17- handwrite your favourite actors.

day 18- handwrite a few words that sum you up.

day 19- handwrite your five favourite bands.

day 20- handwrite your favourite month.

day 21- handwrite your favourite actresses.

day 22- handwrite your five favourite things beginning with the first letter of your name.

day 23- handwrite your favourite colour.

day 24- handwrite your birthday.

day 25- handwrite your five favourite tv shows.

day 26- handwrite I love _____.

day 27- handwrite your favourite meal.

day 28- handwrite a message to someone.

day 29- handwrite how you are feeling.

day 30- handwrite what you love most about the Sims.

And here's Day One:

The dailies will be posted on my Tumblr, and perhaps I'll post 'em here weekly as well!

Feel free to steal this~

Love always,

Ievan Polkka

Posted by Bandit16 on October 2, 2011 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (2)

Hello, lovelies! I hope all is well with you! :D I just wanted to drop you a note introducing one cute little bugger running around my game, the beautiful teenager Jack Dorkk-Belladonna.

He came over for homework the other day, and looked very, very cute~

Anyways. The picture is clickable, and it'll bring you to the download link on TS3! Now! Your girl is off to go swimming!

Later gators~

A Girl Worth Fighting For

Posted by Bandit16 on September 27, 2011 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (4)

Good evening! Well, it's night over here, but yeah. It's been too long since my last post....

Guess what? I just got a Twitter! So now I have both a Tumblr and a Twitter account-- I'm so all up on it~~

So follow me if you'd like, it's Bandit_16 ['cause some jerk already had it underscore-less....], and please let me know it's you so we can converse~

Anyways! I hope all has been well with you! Now. Please. Go check out the pictures section. It's sadly commentless, and it'll be updated with Chapter 19, so yeah.

Love always~