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Belladonna Legacy Ch 19

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Hello, and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy!

Life had changed abruptly and quickly for my botanically-named family. With Echo gone, Noemi took over primary care of the children, while Virus took a job in Journalism.

Noemi didn’t mind, as these duties had been hers previously during Echo’s slow decline.

A few days passed peaceably, Echo [or, the Ech-i-nator, as her friends call her] not coming by to visit her children once. Unlike real life, the remaining Sims didn’t care one little bit.

Time passed every bit as quickly without Echo, and soon enough her children were growing up without her.



And Alexander. [for more pictures of Belladonna children, you should click this link, hint hint!]

Now that the children had aged up a bit into some remarkably good-looking young ones, their aunts and stand-in parents had time enough to do a bit for themselves.

It was approaching time to, ahem, get it on with someone or another.

Luckily for Virus, the narrator had created a nice piece of pixels for her “getting it on” enjoyment, and had invited him over for a spell.

Unluckily for Virus, William really wasn’t her type. Or anyone's type for that matter.

But Virus, determined Virus, decided she wanted him as her own, and after much ill-advised but dutiful work, she triumphed.

Not willing to risk a single thing, they wed right there.

So congrats.

Noemi’s man trouble was that she had none. No man, no trouble. Realizing this simple formula, Noemi turned to the other arena…

Girls. (not sure about this pic, but she has a cute butt, eh?)

Please meet Noemi’s two choices~ First is Abigail Fret, an athletic technophobe.

The other is Penelope Overlook, a nurturing perfectionist.

Noemi’s attention turned immediately to Penelope, a solid woman who came with an extra boon~

A daughter named Lila :D

Lila and Noemi got on splendidly, as did Noemi with Lila’s lucky mom.

Abigail seemed pretty unfazed by Noemi’s lack of interest, as she was receiving a bit of interest on her own…

Unfortunately, though, that wasn’t the ideal kind of interest.

Virus x William deteriorated quickly, and the breakup was not without bitterness.

Sad. Extremely sad.

But not everything was sad with the Belladonnas!

They dated for a while, but, in impatient narrator fashion, there was soon a proposal…

And an acceptance.

Cute couple, eh?

Virus, though, was having some self-esteem issues, and a whole barrage of boys ran through the Belladonna house in a very, very short time. Most of these boys passed through without leaving any kind of lasting impression.

All but one....

Oh. And if you disapprove of Noemi and Penelope, Noemi entreats you to reconsider.

I mean, can you deny that face? I know I can’t!

Please join us next time for the continued adventures of the Belladonna family! Stay safe~

Love always,

Belladonna Legacy Ch 18

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Hello, and welcome back to the Belladonna Family legacy.

In spite of all of the sadness of the previous chapter, life still went on…

Virus and Noemi aged up and began preparing for prom. Vi, as you can see, aged up remarkably well.

And your generation two heiress, Noemi Camille.

Anastasia and Aemelia kept themselves busy, sometimes ignoring the rest of the household for days, enjoying their own company.

Around town, Bandit’s children went about their lives, having many, many babies [Bandit died with eleven grandchildren, ten of them in sets of twin girls].

If you'd like to see some pictures of the little berries [see what I did there?], they're uploaded in the Behind-the-Scenes section~

But it was Echo whom was the most shaken by the deaths of her mother, lover, and fictive aunt, mostly because she allowed herself to be consumed. She so missed the love of her mother, she found it hard to give that same love to her children.

Not even her new child could bring her out of her funk.

Speaking of which, please meet the newest Belladonna baby, Alexander. [A BOY!]

Following this was the inevitable graduation [but not prom, neglectful narrator somehow overlooked sending ‘em, eh heh heh]…

…but when they reached their home, they found they were short one person.

Echo had gone, moved out, with no promise of a swift return.

No promise at all, in fact.

Thank you for joining us in this short chapter of the Belladonna family legacy. By request, following Chapter 19, the chapters will increase in length [remember those long Belladonna chapters before we hit double-digits? We'll be back to those, I hope]

See you shortly!

Belladonna Legacy Ch 17

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Hello and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy!

Here we join Bandit and Noemi visiting one of the Belladonna households in town. This little muffin is Loki and Madi’s little boy, Jack, whom has grown up altogether too quickly!

Ah~ Jack inherited from Madi the ‘Evil’ trait.

Poor Auntie Emi…

Maon, Echo’s beau and best friend, spent a great deal of time visiting the Belladonnas, where he pursued with passion the lovely lady, the lady that had in fact decided to ask for his hand in dating.

Of course, the answer was yes, to the delight of the household’s youngest and oldest members.

The middle members didn’t care all that much.

But speaking of the oldest members, elderhood was fast approaching our legacy founder and her solid confidant, the spinster Soo Jin, and in preparation, the girls were often out and on the town, visiting friends and family, hitting up theaters, and getting in that last promotion.

As a matter of fact, only the middle twins were home to watch the youngest Belladonnas age up into childhood.

Aemelia & Anastasia

Aren’t they prettiful? And… violent.

Echo, whom had been spending quite a lot of time with Maon recently, was shaken by the great age her daughters had attained and the cause of the mysterious causes, and set in place immediate plans to move out of her mother’s house…

…that didn’t exactly work out. As it goes, Maon had drowned unexpectedly on a community lot, leaving nothing but a headstone and a heartbroken girlfriend.

Pregnant and heartbroken, Echo delayed her plans, and stayed close to her family, needing emotional support.

In fact, she stayed just a bit too long to soothe herself...

More than anyone else was Bandit inconsolable—they had been best friends throughout their entire lives, and Bandit felt the pain of widowhood once more.

Perhaps this was the pain that cut off her life as well. 

Thank you for reading this sunshine-y chapter of the Belladonna family legacy, and see you shortly.

Belladonna Legacy Ch 16

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Hello and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy! Thank you all so much for your participation and votes! However, after weighing things carefully, a decision has indeed been made…

So congratulations to our gen 2 heiress, Noemi!

Bandit had now more than completed her lifetime wish, and was pretty much stoked about life for a bit, which made her hours writing kinky (err, romance…;) novels go by all the more quickly.

With the twins, Jelly Bean and Patches had aged up to become big bad teenagers, and the girls still enjoyed playing with their friends.

When it came down to it, however, the girls were first and foremost the other’s friend, and became, like, best friends forever at the first chance they had.

Echo, no longer a potential heiress, began to live a more raucous life—she often went out with her old school friends, and neglected getting a job or bonding with her family. Although she enjoyed spending time with her nephew Jack, she preferred first and foremost to be out with someone good-looking.

And eventually, her partying ways caught up with her, leaving more than an interesting reputation (‘Exploring Her Options’;) and a long line of broken hearts.

The next few days went by quickly—the twins enjoyed their first day of school and a field trip to the police station, Echo moped about, and the older women kept with their trivial pursuits.

And soon it was time to meet the newest Belladonna baby…

Or babies. We have (yet another) set of twin girls. Please meet Aemelia and Anastasia.

Oh, and were you wondering about that father? His name is Maon Fiore.

Echo and Maon get on quite well (;

In other news, guess who [finally] decided to show up? Boyfriend appeared for the second time since his death, which was way cool! Also, Ban got a haircut, which looks quite a lot like her real hair.

And with a picture of a calm domestic scene, I thank you for joining us here in this most eventful sixteenth chapter! Stay safe! :D

Belladonna Legacy Ch 15

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Hello, and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy!

As you may remember, the older twins, Echo and Melody, have just aged up to young adults.

However, antsy Melody, lacking both a sense of humour and a life, left the house immediately to strike her fortune. She left to live with Loki, Madi, and Jack.

Speaking of Jack, actually, here is the cutie pie himself. Jack has his mother’s lips, Boyfriend’s nose and his hair colour, and randomly purple eyes (?). What a lovely little grandson~

As you can tell, Aunt Echo was quite the doting relative!

Soo Jin is, as you know, an excellent chef, and is now valiantly attempting to finish off the skill. She’s on level eight, and the Belladonna fridge is pleasantly stocked with her marvelous cooking.

Bandit continued writing romance novel after romance novel: Her hopeless romantic nature kept her locked into the genre, and well-cleared 100,000 simoleons weekly. This extra salary kept the family far more than afloat, although familyFunds certainly didn’t hurt (:

The young twins…

Noemi was quite the little charmer…

Following the sandy fun, our girl Virus was having a delightful time in her bath: submarine adventure, anyone?

Ah~ but don’t be too distracted by their cuteness: we can’t forget the all-important graduation ceremony. 

Hell yeah! Echo is class valedictorian, and was voted Most Likely to Have a Big Family.

Happy graduation day, kids!

Unfortunately for Mortimer, graduation day brought its share of sadness. Echo was ready to put him behind her—high school was over, and it was time to go out into the world. A clean slate would be nothing but good.

Plié :D

And some most excellent badges from the lovely Noemi!

And now it’s definitely birthday time for our dear girls! First up was our favourite Virus, the kind that doesn't keep you home in bed.

She was followed, as always, by her twin Noemi.

Ah~ They grow up so quickly! Please enjoy the inappropriate perfectionist Vi, and the over-emotional loner Noemi! Eager to see you next time on the Belladonna family legacy!

*note: there will be an Heir Vote Special up next (nice and early!), so save your votes until then! <3

Belladonna Legacy Ch 14

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Hello and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy! It's a pleasure to see you again! It's been far too long!!

Now that Loki had left with his young bride and infant son, leaving only two adults in the house, Soo Jin found herself taking care of the remaining children more and more often, disciplining the older girls…

…and even bonding with the younger ones.

Bandit, still diligent in her literary pursuits, also taught her teens to drive.

Good times all around. Even Boyfriend showed up for the good times (;

Soon, though, it was time for the all-important prom announcement. Echo, already having a certain someone in mind for the dance, was hardly troubled. It was nerdy Melody that worried: As she looked around, she began to realize that her focused studying and after-school work had taken her chance at relationships from her.

Melody could have buckled down and done it, insisted upon finding a date: She had two points in charisma and a cute haircut, but instead she stopped. The callings of logic, of science, of a practical life were too strong for her. Melody, the eternal nerd, stopped fighting for a normalcy she didn’t want.

Melody went to prom alone, and ended up romantically involved with Sam Sekemoto. She also got in a fight with a nerd and lost. Prom night.

Echo, though, had her eye on one Sim in particular: You know him, you love him…

Mortimer Goth.

The sparks had flown at Melody’s flop of a party, and their daily talks at school were enough to build a strong relationship between the two.

He was more than pleased to accept her offer.

Our sweet prom queen~ Echo is now dating Mortimer Goth, and has had her very first kiss!

In other news, the younger girls had some nice new friends to talk with!

But prom, and the school year, was over. It was time to face the new great adventure: Adulthood. First up was Echo.

Followed immediately by Melody.

And on this, we leave our Belladonnas. Thank you for reading—see you very soon (:

Belladonna Legacy Ch 13

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Hello, and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy! We return to the aftermath of Boyfriend's unfortunate and untimely death.

Across town, Loki, knowing not of his father’s untimely passing, was taking some big steps. Or perhaps, considering his ‘Mourning’ moodlet, he did know, and it spurred him to speed.

Either way, it was quite the first date.


Following the happy acceptance, it was time to head home and greet the unhappy household. Loki seemed both happy with his engagement, and mournful in a truly beautiful way.

What… what is this? I was stalking Loki (as I do) and he started to “Contemplate Surroundings”. When I checked his traits, the “Genius” trait was alight. I’ve never seen this. Thoughts?

WOW! Loki is so beautiful. He should contemplate more often (;

Well. We’ll leave Loki to his sexiful introspection. Soo Jin had decided to lose some weight o.O Perhaps for her upcoming wedding? (Remember? She’s engaged to Heechul, and has been for, oh… a while.)

Echo then joined in the skinny fun.

Melody kept on with her geekish ways – she is such a sweetie! :D

Despite even losing their oppa, life went on. The twins were taught to walk, talk, and whatnot. The teens went about their homework duties as well as school responsibilities, Soo Jin and Loki prepared for their upcoming weddings, and Bandit… well, Bandit just tried to keep busy.

And she was kept plenty busy with all of the girls.

I love when Sims exchange glances like that (;

Awww yeahhhh~! Get some~!

Ahem. In much more chaste parts of the house, please meet Virus’ new toy, Jelly Bean.

As well as sweet Noemi’s Patches.

One evening, as the girls bonded, I got a message for a ‘Free Vacation’. At first I was going to close out of it like a pop-up (I always turn down those opportunities lol), but I thought, eh. My girls can handle it.

Let me level with you: I thought Echo would make the call for a teen party, not good-girl Melody.

The call, however, was made early in the morning, and left the whole of Saturday to plan.

Melody, with her new rebellious confidence, spent her day visiting the other Belladonna household: Victor, Trina, and the twins (more twin girls!).

Thought you might like to see Jess Line...

And her identical twin sister (yeah, for real!) Charlotte.

Ahhhh Victor, Mama has missed your face.

No, he hasn’t married Trina yet. /shakes head disapprovingly/

But soon enough, our girl had to run home to prepare for her party!

Unfortunately for the newly defiant Melody, there is exactly one (one) teenager in town, and it’s Mortimer Goth. Way to stick it to the man, Melly.

Cool party, bro.

Sadly, it was the silly Goth boy, who was, in my game, quite the snob. Melody was very upset when her party turned out to be less than splendid.

So Echo took one for the team to cheer up her sweet sister.

The adults soon returned home to a clean house. Soo Jin and Ban were content with its immaculate cleanliness, but Loki seemed a bit suspicious… Silly young adult, parties are for teens!

The old friends Soo Jin and Bandit decided some bonding time was needed, and the ladyfolks hopped onto the seesaw.

Loki then joined them outside to try out the brand-new potion table. He failed to discover anything, though.

After his failure, he was inspired to learn more. He hit up the computer, and is now a test subject in the science career. Interesting stuff, yes?

Soon enough, though, it was time for Virus (and Jelly?) to age up and command the childhood years.

And Noemi (with Patches?) …

Both of our lovely girls: The inappropriate Virus, and our loner Noemi.

In other news, please meet our first grandson, Jack Dorkk, who certainly inherited that skintone from the Belladonna side lol

Having now had a son with the lovely Madi, Loki felt that it was time to finish this waiting around, and get married.

They’re so cute! Well, hope you enjoyed this chapter of the Belladonnas—I leave you now on this happy note!


Belladonna Legacy Ch 12

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Hello, and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy! Today we have one heckuva whirlwind chapter: Please enjoy (:

Following the great uninstallation of Late Night, and a quick check of everyone’s hair and clothing [with some edits for Madi and Boyfriend], it was time to enjoy the various new features, including asking Loki’s ladyfriend out on a date!

Shockingly, Madi turned him the hell down (WOW).

Loki then attempted to win her heart with a good ghost story.

Madi looks so beautiful, ne?

And it worked (;

I find Echo to be super pretty! I’m sure she’ll enjoy the new teen pranks and whatnot lol

The good twin, just having awoken from a quick sleep, was looking pretty as well – she looks more like her father.

And Bandit was still pregnant. Of course.

In the Kim house, Soo Jin was doing the lot a much-needed favour by whipping up some of Heechul’s favourite foods, and excellently, of course.

Still pregnant? Maybe not for long! [Maybe? PROBABLY not for long.]

In the wait for the new bundle of joy, the narrator did some Generations decorating – I really like the diplomas. Someone remind me to give Loki his back if he moves out lol

Anyways. Please meet the newest addition to the Belladonna family, twin girls! This is Virus Oh and her sister Noemi Camille.



It’s so nice to have toddlers in the house again!

I’m not sure about you guys, but the more I look, the more Noemi kind of looks like … Soo Jin? I mean, brown eyes (Bandit has green, BF blue), black hair (brown on both parents), the skin tone is even a bit dark... Most mysterious. Yes, I still lack mods, and no, I don't think there has been any SJxBan... but you never know (;

And look at this face. That face belongs to Soo Jin. Pretty odd.

Eeesh! They’re so beautiful :D

After I stalked the girls a bit longer (they’re my background lol), I went to check on Loki. Dear Loki, who cannot get the girl he is quite literally meant to be with.

Then I went to see how unnie was. Soo Jin. You dislike children. Stay out of the nursery. Seriously.

Echo is so immodest sometimes lol

Run, Loki, run! Don’t give Madi the chance to leave you! I was so happy when, after days of mildly pestering her, she said yes to a date. Good times.

Loki uses Flirt. It’s super effective!

And it was time for the head-nod of girlfriend-ness :D

While I was tripping out happily over Loki’s good news, it turns out I nearly missed some pretty dreadful news…

Boyfriend didn’t bow and beg and plead. He shook Death’s hand and passed on, a feat to be admired.

Wow. The first grave of the legacy.

Thank you for your time. Sorry to end on a sad note…

Yours, as always,

Belladonna Legacy Ch 11

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Hello, and welcome back to the Belladonna Family Legacy! I'm your host, Bandit16, and today we shall be very busy, as we rush through our most eventful chapter yet!

Legacy life seemed to fit founders Bandit and Boyfriend perfectly well, though. When I returned, Bandit had picked up the guitar, and BF was watching quite endearingly.

Creepy, but endearing nonetheless!

Sweet Melody was bonding with Aunt Soo Jin, who was perhaps preparing for something… She is quite honestly the worst ever Sim for traits. Isn’t she aware that kids give her the heebie-jeebies?

/sigh/ She's so dweebish, but Melody is great, neh?

Echo, meanwhile, shared a meal with her favourite brother Victor.

She's so biased lol

While Trina spent the rest of the evening away from her fiancée, which is understandable.

But as it goes, Echo was the first to age up.

Followed immediately by her twin Melody.

Melody Rose (left) and Echo Vivienne (right) Belladonna.

Melody gained the Charismatic trait, and odd-looking lips.

And hot-headed Echo gained Frugality and green hair.

You'll see more of them later (:

Victor and Trina were officially back on (yay!), as Trina had forgiven the dumb boy.

As previously mentioned, the founders of our legacy were quite happy with legacy life, and each other.

But things come and go, grow and change....

This, my dears, is a picture of Victor George Belladonna.

This, my loves, is a picture of Victor leaving the premises, to experience life on his own.

My! This has been a busy chapter! And, because the excitement simply never ends, it was now time for your boy Loki to age up!

Woot! Glad someone is excited! And I’m quite impressed with Echo’s hair in this: Yanno how if you have a hair with accessories it always looks totally different in the shower and sleeping? Echo’s hair looks just dandy! :D

OH SHIT! I know this picture is kind of dark, but hot damn! Where the hell did this kid come from?!?

Shisus, where has this kid been all my life? … Oh, yeah.

And in our busiest chapter yet, Soo Jin was now taking the long, long walk….

... to adulthood. There is also definitely no furniture in the background. No big deal.

But let’s go back to Loki, whom I feel bad about ignoring for all of those years. I suppose I shall make it up to him in his life partner (: This time there won’t be the parade, as I have someone in mind for the little ragamuffin…

Please meet my real-life friend, and legacy stud, thatorchdorkk. In-game, please enjoy the lovely Madi Dorkk!

Besides, who needs a parade of prospective mates?

They are so cute (:

Erm... We'll get back to them in a few. In other news, Echo almost made some mac and cheese, but it was of horrifying quality. Good for her to attempt it.

It’s for the good of the many. Throw it away, Echy.

BF also took a minute to stalk the lovely (OLD!) Soo Jin. Before I could even exclaim jealously, though, Boyfriend had shown his loyalty.

Good boy.

Loki was occasionally taken in moments of evilness (again, he has no bad traits, he lucked out like that).

Oh, yeah, and this.

OMIGOD ECHO!!! Sorry, fangirling. New love lol

Echo did her homework while the lovely Melody waited semi-patiently on the bus. She’s cute, uh?

As this was Soo Jin's day off, dongsaeng also threw poor lonely unnie a bone lol

They've grown on me as a couple.

With Loki, though, interesting things were occuring... It was time to ask ‘Oy! Dorkk! You wanna stay over?’.

'Hell yeah!'

Unfortunately for Loki, though, Madi would not (would NOT) sleep with him. 

In other news, Melody is ridiculously cute. I honestly never thought I would find a use for that hair lol

Echo was pretty cute, too :D

As I was running about, taking pictures of the little family, I felt I should share something with you all:

Victor, too, now has twins. Looks like we’ll be keeping Trina. Charlotte and Jess Line XD

And on this happy note in a chapter filled with happy notes, I’ll leave you now wondering about the new mysterious causes (;

Thanks for reading! See you next time!


Belladonna Legacy Ch 10

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Hello and welcome back to the Belladonna Family Legacy! Yanno, I really quite like the whole picture-at-the-beginning thing -- Opinions?

Anyways! (Can't believe I was off track in the second sentence!) Here we join Mama Bandit and Teen Loki having an ... enjoyable time. I can't help but think they may benefit from some mother-son bonding, eh?

Hm... In this picture, Loki looks a lot like Heechul....

/realizes what was written/ SHISUS! No, I'm not deleting it. I'll leave you to wonder, constant readers.

The newly-engaged Heechul x Soo Jin couple were having a few moments together before SJ had to head home from work for the night. But, as you can see, a blast of the past, Leeteuk, had come to haunt the lovebirds. Not haunt in a bad way, mind you, he’s quite good-looking, just … stalk.

Poor Teukkie...

The girls, meanwhile, were enjoying every moment of their pre-Generations childhood, while still miraculously doing their homework each night without being told. Good for them.

Their father also enjoyed spending his occasional downtime doing the all the more mature thing: video games. His posture kind of mimics mine: Hunched over playing…

Victor, meanwhile, was saying good night to his fiancée Trina. They’re cute in a lame-romance-novel kind of way, eh? (Sorry, JP!)

Ahhh~ I love love!

And then, it was time to count down to the marriage… (Also: DAMN!)

Yanno, I used to be extremely particular about who was sharing beds with who (and not just for the woohoo), but with legacy life, I pretty much no longer care. If they can sleep together, go at it (;

For instance, this is Loki and Victor. Fun fact: Their relationship bar has always been 100% full [like thank Shisus for tag!], so this isn't a big deal...

At all. (And don’t you know keeping makeup on makes your face look older? Unnie told me.)

Boyfriend even sleeps alone quite a bit. Poor kid. No spoon for you!

Morning in Sunset Valley. And it’s not just any morning. Victor’s wedding day!

In fact, it was supposed to be Victor’s wedding day.

"Supposed" being the keyword.
Victor, erm, overslept. His own wedding. I know, I’m a horrible Simmer. Whatever. Trina will live. Probably.

Instead he stayed home and made eyes at Soo Jin (damn. just damn. y u no real? What's craziest about this picture is that I really didn't have anything to do with it. That's just EA shit.)

Bandit spent the day huffing around, as it had technically been her party – she had made the phone call. Embarrassing….

After a bit of soul-searching, Victor knew what he had to do.

She came in her wedding dress, and, without acknowledging him, ran off.


But Victor was persistent, and it paid off: She came to him eventually, still in the dress.


... but they made up (again, I apologize, JP).

(not really.)

I… I do believe that I’m about to doubt myself. Victor, don’t you know you’re about to bang this chick? Aren’t you… oh goodness, this kid is odd.


Does he?


Screw you, Victor. (dirty joke, anyone?)

Turns out Victor isn’t the only one breaking down…

…and having major issues.

In fact, Loki is the only child in the house that’s entirely fine. /tries to keep tone of surprise out of voice/

Bandit continued to mope about in her formalwear, as she does… (yes, it's been multiple days)

Oppa BF was swimming (you’d think after a long day of doing doctor stuff he’d want a break? Nah.)

Well, in all fairness, Loki’s siblings didn’t really seem to like him. I can kind of understand the bitterness now. I mean, his sisters were born only three days after him (or something like that, you know how the Belladonnas breed), he didn’t have a chance to be the baby. Even I, the narrator, have neglected him in favor of his jerkish brother (that’s right, I said it). I kind of… feel bad for Loki. I’ll make it up to him, I promise!

What have I done? I think I’m taking these pixels too seriously, but I mean, jeez! I wanted only the best for them and they shoot death glares back and forth? And after the death glares, they rut? My head hurts.

Echo's cute, though, eh?