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Belladonna Legacy Ch 19

Posted by Bandit16 on October 2, 2011 at 11:35 PM

Hello, and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy!

Life had changed abruptly and quickly for my botanically-named family. With Echo gone, Noemi took over primary care of the children, while Virus took a job in Journalism.

Noemi didn’t mind, as these duties had been hers previously during Echo’s slow decline.

A few days passed peaceably, Echo [or, the Ech-i-nator, as her friends call her] not coming by to visit her children once. Unlike real life, the remaining Sims didn’t care one little bit.

Time passed every bit as quickly without Echo, and soon enough her children were growing up without her.



And Alexander. [for more pictures of Belladonna children, you should click this link, hint hint!]

Now that the children had aged up a bit into some remarkably good-looking young ones, their aunts and stand-in parents had time enough to do a bit for themselves.

It was approaching time to, ahem, get it on with someone or another.

Luckily for Virus, the narrator had created a nice piece of pixels for her “getting it on” enjoyment, and had invited him over for a spell.

Unluckily for Virus, William really wasn’t her type. Or anyone's type for that matter.

But Virus, determined Virus, decided she wanted him as her own, and after much ill-advised but dutiful work, she triumphed.

Not willing to risk a single thing, they wed right there.

So congrats.

Noemi’s man trouble was that she had none. No man, no trouble. Realizing this simple formula, Noemi turned to the other arena…

Girls. (not sure about this pic, but she has a cute butt, eh?)

Please meet Noemi’s two choices~ First is Abigail Fret, an athletic technophobe.

The other is Penelope Overlook, a nurturing perfectionist.

Noemi’s attention turned immediately to Penelope, a solid woman who came with an extra boon~

A daughter named Lila :D

Lila and Noemi got on splendidly, as did Noemi with Lila’s lucky mom.

Abigail seemed pretty unfazed by Noemi’s lack of interest, as she was receiving a bit of interest on her own…

Unfortunately, though, that wasn’t the ideal kind of interest.

Virus x William deteriorated quickly, and the breakup was not without bitterness.

Sad. Extremely sad.

But not everything was sad with the Belladonnas!

They dated for a while, but, in impatient narrator fashion, there was soon a proposal…

And an acceptance.

Cute couple, eh?

Virus, though, was having some self-esteem issues, and a whole barrage of boys ran through the Belladonna house in a very, very short time. Most of these boys passed through without leaving any kind of lasting impression.

All but one....

Oh. And if you disapprove of Noemi and Penelope, Noemi entreats you to reconsider.

I mean, can you deny that face? I know I can’t!

Please join us next time for the continued adventures of the Belladonna family! Stay safe~

Love always,

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7:20 PM on October 3, 2011 
ZOMG I NEED TO FINISH YOUR SECOND SIM! I'm such a butt. Can I upload the finished one first and the other one later?? Gimme a deadline incase you need to make chapters...
Lovely chapter! I adore Echo! (in a non-lesbian way) Are they gonna adopt? ADOPT ME!!
Reply Bandit16
8:00 PM on October 3, 2011 
Yes! And that's intended for Chapter 21 or 22, maybe even 23, so take your time, dear. I'll give you a date when we're getting a bit closer. I have to write 20 first to decide for realsies.
AHAHA That's a great idea!! I have plans... big plans.... But I hadn't thought of that! Perhaps we'll have some itsy-bitsy toddlers to climb up the water spout [THAT sounds unsafe]~ Or perhaps you'll have to wait and see. Or perhaps it's not "or" at all, but "AND".
That's the Belladonna legacy... keeps you on your toes......
I'll give you a hint, though. Within the next five chapters, someone will get their Woohoo on.
But that's a safe bet lol
8:37 PM on October 3, 2011 
Pfft, great hint. I think we could all assume that...
Did you secretly download mods and not tell anybody about it?! Sneaky little bandit, Bandit.
Btw, can I post the pics in the photo areas...? I'm not having luck with the editing poo...THAT REMINDS ME! I love edit work you do on the first pic of every chapter! Very spiffy.
Reply Bandit16
10:24 PM on October 3, 2011 
PSH! That was a great hint!!!
And may~be~ ... No. But I did consider doing that just to mess with you lol
YES. Please do post 'em, I feel that it's sad and neglected and uncommented upon ;__;
Oh, really? Thank you! That's very nice of you to say XD
10:31 PM on October 3, 2011 
I. Hate. The. Sims. Website.
There is no reason for it to not upload! It's less than 30 MBs! I'll post the pics first b/c I'm a turd...
CRAP! I just realized I'm not commenting on the legacy on the legacy chapter comments! Umm...err...GINGERS! Echo has a ginger baby and wife. I have the perfect ginger skin! If only it transferred....
Reply Bandit16
10:44 PM on October 3, 2011 
PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!! And right?!?!? It's so ridiculous!!
Oh, psh, the legacy-ites understand~ Off-topic where it's at! And aren't they a cute couple? I wonder what the baby will look like... She was created from a cross of a Sim in my bin (perhaps that'll be a fact later!) and Penny.
10:46 PM on October 3, 2011 
I posted them woot woot! Uploading can be done tomorrow...
Reply Bandit16
10:53 PM on October 3, 2011 
10:56 PM on October 3, 2011 
SAME TIME AND I'M OBSESSED WITH HIM TOO! Sadly he doesn't come with the skin...
MODS MODS MODS! Just download like, one thing.
But goodnight!
Reply Bandit16
11:17 PM on October 3, 2011 
Aww.... Too bad. But that's alright. And that was fun while it lasted!! I hope you sleep well~
Reply guesswho'sback (Tink)
4:14 AM on October 23, 2011 
GAH! Aemelia is so gosh darm cute! Sorry for just up and leaving on you! My internet has seriously taken this long to get sorted out in my new house =(. I guess the important thing is that the stalking is back on. LOVED the chapter! Love Tink
Reply Goof Ball
11:53 AM on October 23, 2011 
Weeeeehh!! Noemi is gonna have such pretty babies!! YOU BETTER HAVE THAT MOD BAN!!
Reply Bukkits/Ink
8:05 PM on January 2, 2012 
Noemi is so sexy :D I just found so many chapters waiting for me,when I was last on here it was chapter nine :P If you still want spouses I could donate you some...