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Belladonna Legacy Ch 16

Posted by Bandit16 on August 27, 2011 at 7:50 PM

Hello and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy! Thank you all so much for your participation and votes! However, after weighing things carefully, a decision has indeed been made…

So congratulations to our gen 2 heiress, Noemi!

Bandit had now more than completed her lifetime wish, and was pretty much stoked about life for a bit, which made her hours writing kinky (err, romance…;) novels go by all the more quickly.

With the twins, Jelly Bean and Patches had aged up to become big bad teenagers, and the girls still enjoyed playing with their friends.

When it came down to it, however, the girls were first and foremost the other’s friend, and became, like, best friends forever at the first chance they had.

Echo, no longer a potential heiress, began to live a more raucous life—she often went out with her old school friends, and neglected getting a job or bonding with her family. Although she enjoyed spending time with her nephew Jack, she preferred first and foremost to be out with someone good-looking.

And eventually, her partying ways caught up with her, leaving more than an interesting reputation (‘Exploring Her Options’;) and a long line of broken hearts.

The next few days went by quickly—the twins enjoyed their first day of school and a field trip to the police station, Echo moped about, and the older women kept with their trivial pursuits.

And soon it was time to meet the newest Belladonna baby…

Or babies. We have (yet another) set of twin girls. Please meet Aemelia and Anastasia.

Oh, and were you wondering about that father? His name is Maon Fiore.

Echo and Maon get on quite well (;

In other news, guess who [finally] decided to show up? Boyfriend appeared for the second time since his death, which was way cool! Also, Ban got a haircut, which looks quite a lot like her real hair.

And with a picture of a calm domestic scene, I thank you for joining us here in this most eventful sixteenth chapter! Stay safe! :D

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9:25 PM on August 27, 2011 
DAWWW twins are too cute! Why am I saying daww all the time?
Oh and uh...FIRSTIES. (I had to do that because it makes me feel special.)
Reply Bandit16
10:44 PM on August 27, 2011 
Omigod, aren't they?! I love those girls, but seriously. More girls. We Belladonnas love the twin girls, lemme tell you.
And secondies! :D
Oh. And no surprise on heiress, eh?
Reply AvidAngelisLazy
7:28 AM on August 28, 2011 
OMIGOSH!! Those twins...They are ADORABLE :D Do you have a link to their hairs? :D
Reply Tink
11:45 AM on August 28, 2011 
AWWW! Again...heirs of Ban are always adorable...i think your offspring have been married into my legacy unintentionally quite a few times, it's no wonder they all have purple hair. Have you noticed the imaginary friend walk? Doesn't it look a lot like the 'just woohoed in an elevator' walk? Just saying...
Reply Goof Ball
11:47 AM on August 28, 2011 
I must say I agree with everyone else, those twins are ADORABLE! Though Miss. Echo is a very bad girl nevertheless. ( :
Reply Bandit16
2:34 PM on August 28, 2011 
@Avid: I download through the exchange, so no, but I can upload the twins if you'd like (:
I'm glad you like them, they're extremely cute in my biased opinion :3

@Tink: Yeahhh.... What can I say? I have excellent genes lol Nah, but seriously, the randomly purple hair ages later still kind of surprises me (:
And I agree! I love the imaginary friend strut thing! It may be my favourite Sim thing... ever. It's very cool :D

@Goof: Thank you (: And IKR?! Whatever, we love her!
Reply Juezy Paige Smith
2:35 PM on September 1, 2011 
First of all, SO MANY GIRLS.
But the twins are super adorable, as all Belladonna toddlers are!
Reply Bandit16
5:36 PM on September 1, 2011 
They're such cute little muffins~~