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Belladonna Legacy Ch 14

Posted by Bandit16 on August 13, 2011 at 12:20 PM

Hello and welcome back to the Belladonna family legacy! It's a pleasure to see you again! It's been far too long!!

Now that Loki had left with his young bride and infant son, leaving only two adults in the house, Soo Jin found herself taking care of the remaining children more and more often, disciplining the older girls…

…and even bonding with the younger ones.

Bandit, still diligent in her literary pursuits, also taught her teens to drive.

Good times all around. Even Boyfriend showed up for the good times (;

Soon, though, it was time for the all-important prom announcement. Echo, already having a certain someone in mind for the dance, was hardly troubled. It was nerdy Melody that worried: As she looked around, she began to realize that her focused studying and after-school work had taken her chance at relationships from her.

Melody could have buckled down and done it, insisted upon finding a date: She had two points in charisma and a cute haircut, but instead she stopped. The callings of logic, of science, of a practical life were too strong for her. Melody, the eternal nerd, stopped fighting for a normalcy she didn’t want.

Melody went to prom alone, and ended up romantically involved with Sam Sekemoto. She also got in a fight with a nerd and lost. Prom night.

Echo, though, had her eye on one Sim in particular: You know him, you love him…

Mortimer Goth.

The sparks had flown at Melody’s flop of a party, and their daily talks at school were enough to build a strong relationship between the two.

He was more than pleased to accept her offer.

Our sweet prom queen~ Echo is now dating Mortimer Goth, and has had her very first kiss!

In other news, the younger girls had some nice new friends to talk with!

But prom, and the school year, was over. It was time to face the new great adventure: Adulthood. First up was Echo.

Followed immediately by Melody.

And on this, we leave our Belladonnas. Thank you for reading—see you very soon (:

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Reply xAvidAngelx
12:44 PM on August 13, 2011 
Can I has Melody's hair? =D

Loovee this chapter, BTW. :]Echo looks awesome as a YA, am I right? :P
Reply Bandit16
12:51 PM on August 13, 2011 
Certainly (:
Next I play the Sims, I'll upload her to the Exchange for you-- it's transferable!
And thank you! I think Echo is very pretty :D
8:24 PM on August 13, 2011 
Is there gonna be and heir vote? TEAM ECHO! (echo, echo, echo....)
Reply Goof Ball
1:12 PM on August 14, 2011 
This is going to be a fun second generation. Hehe, Well since both the girls have good boyfriends, its up to the little kids to date their imaginary friends when they're older they usually turn out good. :D Now since you've moved out mr. Loki, I vote to put Echo in first place for heir... On another note: Do you want me to continue with the Granny-Banny thing?
Reply Bandit16
12:12 PM on August 15, 2011 
@WWWW: That was so funny! And yes, you have one chapter left, then voting (:
@Goof: Indeed~ And we'll have to see!
Echo's a fan favourite, is she not? As always, we'll have to see.... Perhaps those twins have that something-something, if you know what I mean (;
And sure! Now I have three grandkids! :D
5:49 PM on August 15, 2011 
Granny-Banny! HAHA! You recently became an elder in my game, but I set elder's lives to like 3, so you'll be dead soon....heheheheh
Reply Bandit16
5:51 PM on August 15, 2011 
:O Wow! Something to look forward to! Awesome!
But you should watch it, Ima haunt you (;