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Belladonna Legacy Ch 10

Posted by Bandit16 on June 7, 2011 at 10:23 PM

Hello and welcome back to the Belladonna Family Legacy! Yanno, I really quite like the whole picture-at-the-beginning thing -- Opinions?

Anyways! (Can't believe I was off track in the second sentence!) Here we join Mama Bandit and Teen Loki having an ... enjoyable time. I can't help but think they may benefit from some mother-son bonding, eh?

Hm... In this picture, Loki looks a lot like Heechul....

/realizes what was written/ SHISUS! No, I'm not deleting it. I'll leave you to wonder, constant readers.

The newly-engaged Heechul x Soo Jin couple were having a few moments together before SJ had to head home from work for the night. But, as you can see, a blast of the past, Leeteuk, had come to haunt the lovebirds. Not haunt in a bad way, mind you, he’s quite good-looking, just … stalk.

Poor Teukkie...

The girls, meanwhile, were enjoying every moment of their pre-Generations childhood, while still miraculously doing their homework each night without being told. Good for them.

Their father also enjoyed spending his occasional downtime doing the all the more mature thing: video games. His posture kind of mimics mine: Hunched over playing…

Victor, meanwhile, was saying good night to his fiancée Trina. They’re cute in a lame-romance-novel kind of way, eh? (Sorry, JP!)

Ahhh~ I love love!

And then, it was time to count down to the marriage… (Also: DAMN!)

Yanno, I used to be extremely particular about who was sharing beds with who (and not just for the woohoo), but with legacy life, I pretty much no longer care. If they can sleep together, go at it (;

For instance, this is Loki and Victor. Fun fact: Their relationship bar has always been 100% full [like thank Shisus for tag!], so this isn't a big deal...

At all. (And don’t you know keeping makeup on makes your face look older? Unnie told me.)

Boyfriend even sleeps alone quite a bit. Poor kid. No spoon for you!

Morning in Sunset Valley. And it’s not just any morning. Victor’s wedding day!

In fact, it was supposed to be Victor’s wedding day.

"Supposed" being the keyword.
Victor, erm, overslept. His own wedding. I know, I’m a horrible Simmer. Whatever. Trina will live. Probably.

Instead he stayed home and made eyes at Soo Jin (damn. just damn. y u no real? What's craziest about this picture is that I really didn't have anything to do with it. That's just EA shit.)

Bandit spent the day huffing around, as it had technically been her party – she had made the phone call. Embarrassing….

After a bit of soul-searching, Victor knew what he had to do.

She came in her wedding dress, and, without acknowledging him, ran off.


But Victor was persistent, and it paid off: She came to him eventually, still in the dress.


... but they made up (again, I apologize, JP).

(not really.)

I… I do believe that I’m about to doubt myself. Victor, don’t you know you’re about to bang this chick? Aren’t you… oh goodness, this kid is odd.


Does he?


Screw you, Victor. (dirty joke, anyone?)

Turns out Victor isn’t the only one breaking down…

…and having major issues.

In fact, Loki is the only child in the house that’s entirely fine. /tries to keep tone of surprise out of voice/

Bandit continued to mope about in her formalwear, as she does… (yes, it's been multiple days)

Oppa BF was swimming (you’d think after a long day of doing doctor stuff he’d want a break? Nah.)

Well, in all fairness, Loki’s siblings didn’t really seem to like him. I can kind of understand the bitterness now. I mean, his sisters were born only three days after him (or something like that, you know how the Belladonnas breed), he didn’t have a chance to be the baby. Even I, the narrator, have neglected him in favor of his jerkish brother (that’s right, I said it). I kind of… feel bad for Loki. I’ll make it up to him, I promise!

What have I done? I think I’m taking these pixels too seriously, but I mean, jeez! I wanted only the best for them and they shoot death glares back and forth? And after the death glares, they rut? My head hurts.

Echo's cute, though, eh?

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Reply Tink
5:59 AM on June 8, 2011 
Echo is extremely cute! Love this chapter Ban x
Reply Bandit16
5:48 PM on June 8, 2011 
Ahaha, thanks, sis~
Reply LazybumTink
3:03 PM on June 9, 2011 
Also, I adore the picture at the begining, I wish I was creative enough to do anything like that, but I'm not, I just find an amusing picture and use that instead. Your genetics have spread through my game at an alarming rate, 80% of Bridgeport has brown/purple hair and a large proportion of the population are least I've only got a couple more spouses to find :)
4:04 PM on June 9, 2011 
You have demon sim! DEMONS!
Reply TooLazyToLogIn (Goofball)
6:54 PM on June 9, 2011 
I think the whole household is confused '~'
Reply Bandit16
3:41 PM on June 10, 2011 
@Tink: Nah, not too talented or creative: Thank Shisus for :D
And I was telling (real) Soo Jin about that -- she thinks it's hilarious lol I think I should put up the Ban from the legacy -- my hair is just brown right now.
Actually, you know how I have curly hair? For the second time in my whole life, it's actually straightened. Unnie Soo Jin did it for me, and it looks crazy different. Straight hair changes the whole look of my face. Also my hair is surprisingly long lol

@WWWW: IKR?! Who are you referring to? Victor is such a jerk! I'm almost becoming Loki biased (le gasp!).

@Goof: Absolutely agreed lol Perhaps I'll find some time to play this weekend and I'll have a new chapter for you. Maybe the twins will even age up..?

Now! Bandit has some delicious pizza to eat~
Reply Juezy Paige Smith
11:56 PM on June 10, 2011 
Hi Trin-ugh. Can we have them break up yet?
I hope the twins won't make any bad spouse decisions :P
Reply Bandit16
12:20 AM on June 11, 2011 
Nope. Every relationship has its ups and downs -- if they break up later that's their business. For me, they stay together.

And I have complete faith in the twins. Why do you so dislike Trina? I must be sure to make the next coupla spouses identical :D